How to cut noise on hard floors and keep the team happy

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Offices now tend to be more open, with cubicles and the like, instead of separate offices with their own doors. Also, floors tend to now be wooden ones (maybe even wood laminates) or concrete and treated concrete, with exposed aggregate which are finished to smoothed out surface. And, this is usually sealed with a clear coating.

While aesthetics may be enhanced with these floor treatments, one effect of these floors is the noise and worse, the echo caused by the sound of foot falls on the floor. And, when you considers the sound of hard-heeled shoes and stilletos on the floor, you can see that this could be problem. Plus, with wall surfaces tending to be made of smooth and hard like glass for instance, we can see that reverberation of the sounds made by foot fall and general conversation can be annoying to the office staff.

That annoyance can lead of loss of productivity and may even cause lower employee morale. It is interesting to note that A 2013 study from the University of Sydney found that a lack of sound privacy was far and away the biggest drain on employee morale in open plan offices that had cubicles for the workers therein.

Although trendy, open offices in renovated warehouses can also be a nightmare when it comes to sound traveling across the space. Hard surfaces do a poor job at absorbing sound, so bringing in softer materials such as commercial door mats, runners and carpets can help minimize noise.

Using carpet as the solution has some drawbacks, not only does this change the aesthetic, doing away with the look of a timber or concrete floor, the added cost to purchase and install can be quite prohibitive.

How you can cut the noise more cost effectively

We suggest the use of commercial entry floor mats and other mats like fabric chair mats and runners. Here are some thoughts:

Consider our Entry Master Premier, which features a 36 ounce heavy duty, multi denier polypropylene yarn system—the heaviest fibre available. This commercial door mat is manufactured with a rubber-reinforced herringbone profile to help prevent crushing of its unique dirt entrapment system, even in the highest traffic areas.

Our commercial door mats will not only deflect the noise of foot fall on hard floor surfaces but also help keep the floor clean.

And being UV-proof, this prevents the fading of colours and the rubber foundation formula from cracking as seen on light el cheapo door mats. We note that ommercial door mats are often over looked in the increased savings they bring on your monthly cleaning costs.
The Entrymaster Premier is also antistatic with an average rating of 1.2KV and a maximum average voltage of 1.6KV as measured by the AATCC.

With similar features, but at a lower price point, we offer the Entrymaster Classic commercial door mat. We note that Entry Master Classic also features the same “water dam” edge as the Entrymaster Premier #295 which retains dirt and water from spilling out onto your prestige carpet and or tiled reception area.

Another alternative is using one of our range of quality logo mats.

The Print Plush Commercial Mat works extremely well in applications where the logo or design uses many different colours.

Our commercial door mats will not only deflect the noise of foot fall on hard floor surfaces but also help keep the floor clean.

Using a unique vacuum extraction method our carpet is printed before the rubber backing is applied, this ensures complete pile dye penetration and provides superior durability. Note that no other Australian manufacturer uses this technology.

Our Print Plush Launderable mats offer advanced cleaning characteristics, removing up to 80% of outside dirt before it reaches your interior facility. To ensure workers safety, the mat is equipped with anti-slip cleats on the back to prevent movement, even in the highest of traffic areas.

We also offer a range of Electrostatic Logo Mats. These are made from a commercial grade cut pile carpet top, which will withstand medium commercial traffic. The polypropylene carpet top is fade /UV and rot resistant-perfect for our climate. It provides a sharp edged, vibrant logo against a solid background for high contrast and maximum impact. Maximum width is 900mm.

Note that our Logo Mats can be used to include other printed messsages and not just logos. Consider things like inspirational thoughts, even directions to a counter or other section of the office or say the warehouse. And, they can also be used as runners to stop the noise/echo of foot fall, while protecting your office or showroom floor.

And, let’s not forget the other benefits of using mats and runners. Floors are kept clean, especially when placed near entrances. And, static is also prevented. This is especially important near electronic equipment that can be affected, e.g., computers.

You can review our full range of office and commercial mats, by clicking here.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your particular needs. We’re only too happy to help.

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