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Learning spaces require cleaner environments! Did you know that an entrance matting can eliminate up to 80 percent of allergens and dirt from shoes?

As students and teachers travel into the school their shoes get the outdoors in, be it muck, dirt, or rain. The use of entrance mats not just reduces the slippery surfaces; however, it additionally enhances air quality and reduces the spread of contamination.

Our entrance mats for schools provide particle-enhanced and embossed surfaces to ensure slip resistance. Our entrance mat solutions meet OH&S standards and are the best protection to prevent any possible slip or fall accidents and compensation costs.

  • Our mats meet Australian OH&S standards
  • Environment-friendly for schools   
  • Custom shaped and sized mats
  • Reduces dirty and slippery floors in schools   
  • Largest range of customized mats for schools
  • Our mats can be installed at existing mat areas  

Our professionally designed anti slip commercial entrance mats for schools are made specifically to compensate for the slippery environments. These commercial entrance mats are ideal for use in both outside and interior areas that require anti-fatigue and anti-slip matting and can be used in access ways schools, homes, offices, factories, ramps, paths, offices, and stairs. These entrance mats are ideal for any area that needs a solid, non-slide, cushioned, and soundproof floor in heavy traffic corridors and areas. 

Some Amco entrance mats are highly slip-resistant particularly when utilized correctly outside in icy or wet conditions. From simple coir mats to shaped aluminum mats, these mats can be made up to suit any area. An amco entrance mat can avert dust being tracked into your building while reducing floor maintenance and cleaning costs.   

In any case, if you are not a fan of loose lay commercial entrance mats, then our pig grippy mats are the ideal solution that can be used as entrance mats in your building. These grippy mats are ideal for schools, hospital and school corridors where normally would of been loose lay commercial entrance matting

The absorbent and durable surface of Grippy mats can withstand heavy traffic in schools for up to three months. It pulls up effectively when you need to change the mat. Here are some top features of grippy mats:

  • Protect your floor
  •  PIG Grippy Floor mats are exceptionally absorbent, very sturdy, durable, and easy to maintain.
  • Adhesive-backed floor mat
  • Stays precisely where you put it with no moving, flipping over, or bunching up; traps moisture, salt, and dirt to hold it back from being tracked around the area.
  • Reduces slips and trips & Falls.
  • PIG Grippy Floor mats stick to commercial floor surfaces including VCT, concrete, tile, laminate flooring, and quarry tile.
  • Proprietary adhesive
  •  These mats stick to the floor with a super-firm grasp yet strips up easily
  • Extreme DURABILITY
  • Can handle heavy traffic for long term.  
  • Simple TO USE
  • These mats can handle continuous traffic of walkways and entrances without any gaps, overlaps, or ripples.  
  • Easy to clean
  • The user can sweep, mop, vacuum, use wet/shop vac, or run floor scrubber over Pig Grippy mats and it would not budge.

Our amco commercial entrance mats are great for schools and tafes and accessible in a range of sizes and materials. Can be designed according to your preferences. All things considered, depending upon your needs and requirements, we can help you provide customized entrance mats for your building. 

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