Anti-Fatigue Medical Floor Mats: How Healthcare Professionals Can Benefit

Amco Anti-fatigue Medical floor mats

Recent research has discovered that participants who stood on their feet for 90 minute periods and were not using medical Ortho floor mats experienced severe discomfort to the feet, legs, and backs. Those who exceeded 90 minutes were inclined to more chronic conditions like irreversible circulatory problems. Healthcare professionals who need to be on their feet for long periods of time at a continous stretch are in danger of health issues like sore muscles and body fatigue. One way they can combat this risk is to introduce anti-fatigue medical floor mats into their facilities. Again, the same study proved the benefits that came from using an anti-fatigue mat. A decline in muscle strains, productivity increased, and slip and fall accidents were cut short with the use of anti-slip mats.

Not only do anti-fatigue mats provide a comfortable, supportive barrier to stand on, but they can also fight against germs and bacteria and keep your floors protected, from foot traffic among other things.

Safety matting has multiple advantages:

Muscle Strains and Stress are at kept low.

Anti-fatigue mats and elsewhere have been ergonomically designed to prevent muscles from straining. They work by encouraging restrained movements in the leg and calf muscles. They also facilitate easy blood flow to the heart. It’s important to note that standing for a long time can affect blood flow to the heart. Made from thick, durable, nitrile rubber, these mats cushion the friction between the user’s feet and the surface. So you see that doctors, nurses, and other healthcare personnel who stand for a long period receive a lot to benefits from using these mats.

Productivity is high

People cannot work to the best of their capacity when they are experiencing pain or discomfort. This results in a substantial reduction in productivity brought on by a loss of focus. With Ortho safety matting in place, employees can stand for long periods without getting too tired or experience sore muscles. They will also feel a new sense of pride in belonging to an entity that makes visual its concern for employees.When they are pain-free and feeling good more work is able to get done.

Less slip and fall accidents

Anti-fatigue Ortho mats also double up as anti-slip mats to prevent slip and fall accidents. They are ideal for labs where spills and hazards occur frequently as they are oil and stain resistant and provide an extra level of grip for shoes.

Combats Germs and Bacteria

Anti-fatigue medical floor mats can be anti-microbially treated to prevent germs and bacteria from breeding into a healthcare facility where a patient’s healthcare is of primary importance.They can also be autoclave sterilized for a lifetime protection against odours and degradation.

Multifunctional Status

They reduce fatigue, fight germs and protect your floor surfaces, in a powerful combination of benefits. Healthcare industries where a high volume of people stand are expected to gain as much relief possible from anti-fatigue medical floor mats act as a protection from sore feet and pain in the lower legs in order to prevent the damaging long-term effects

How to select the Right Anti-Fatigue medical floor Mat

Choose a mat that has some elasticity to it so that it is able to adjust to your feet and provide you with optimum comfort

Buy your Ortho mats from a trusted and knowledgeable company like the Australian Matting Company (AMCO), a Leading Matting Specialist who supply Impressive New Generation Orthopedic Anti-Fatigue mats, as well as a host of mats for other uses.Their team of Professional Consultants is extremely knowledgeable in all industrial environments to improve your company’s production and performance and help retain and attract key employees into your workforce.

So don’t fight shy about purchasing anti-slip medical floor mats. These mats have known to help with the engagement of people, no negative word from any employee. You will have a happy workforce because of these rugs!

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