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Amco Antislip nosings for walkways

Wet slippery walkways are terribly dangerous and using Australian antislip nosings and treads for slippery walkways are a quick fix. Not only to prevent slip, but reduce dangerous falls which could cause serious harm and trauma. Here we go over wet slippery concrete walkways, as well as slippery metal ones.  Also open grid grating and expanded metal mesh platforms, walkways and steps.

Our highest value point on the anti slip options  we offer for wet slippery walkways is their ease of installation. Let’s look at open grating walkways first. We should remember that metal grating type steps are really only as good as their edges, especially in wet (or oily) environments. Thus, anti slip nosings are used on the edges to protect these heavily-trafficked areas. Often used in mining, construction, food manufacturing and agricultural industries. Those looking to increase stair safety in hazardous areas. And, let’s not forget other commercial plants like wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations with walkways run by municipal water boards.

U-Tred Anti Slip Cleat  – an Aussie innovation

This Aussie innovation was first released in 2013. A new Australian anti slip cleat version is now available for use in the above applications. We’ve called the upgrade the U-Tred Series II. The new anti slip nosing accommodates the latest mineral industry standard grating aperture patterns of 2” (50 mm) and 4” (100 mm) centres.

Featuring double-action anti-slip cleats for extra grip  on slippery walkways, U-Tred stair nosings provide a step definition that’s very hard-wearing. Unlike more conventional open grid step nosings, U-Tred is easily installed in a matter of seconds. There are no bolts, nuts or fasteners required. This save you vast amounts of time and money. Also note no paper work required for hot works permits either.

Manufactured from high strength galvanised steel, The anti slip U-Tred cleat is engineered for the toughest industrial walkway environments. For increased visibility, the treads are powder-coated in a bright safety yellow. Unlike fibreglass stair treads, U-Tred will not crack or release hazardous splinters.

U-Tred features heavy duty double action anti-slip cleats for added safety. Two self locking barbs provide quick and secure installation in 1” x 0.2” (25 x 5 mm) and 1.25” x 0.2” (32 mm x 5 mm) step edges. U-Tred comes in the one size: 3.3” x 1.6” (85 x 40 mm).

U-Tred Anti slip cleats allows users to renovate worn-out open grating walkway step & edges quickly and economically. There’s no need to remove and re-install new staircases. This saves the you time, money and unnecessary downtime with the resulting lost productivity.

And, for environments where these steps and slippery walkway platforms are constantly wet, U-Tred anti slip cleats can be applied without surface preparation. Of course, extreme care should be taken by the person doing the installation. Taking care not to slip or fall from walking on the wet surfaces. Finally, the only tool required is a rubber hammer or mallet to install U-Tred anti slip cleats.

For slippery concrete walkways and expanded mesh grating, we offer our Gripmaster stair treads and nosings.

Gripmaster anti slip plates for other floor surfaces

Gripmaster anti-slip stair nosings are manufactured on a base of 1.2 mm corrosion resistant colourbond steel. Then baked onto self-healing Zinc Alumina roll stock. Importantly, we note that coupled to the foundation is a woven medium which allows for thermal expansion and contraction of the base product. Without this medium, delamination can be expected to occur in harsh walkway environments due to thermal expansion as may occur in a competitive material of lesser quality.

Green anti slip stair nosings for walkways - amco
This Gripmaster anti slip walkway stair nosing in the highly visible Nano555 colour is used in an open grid step

Our top-of-the-line non slip Gripmaster stair nosing grade comes with a 10-year warranty covering delaminating, chemical attack, wear and corrosion under normal use. All such non slip stair treads/nosings are given a special warranty number should the users have warranty claims in the future.

We also have a slightly lesser quality value that comes with a 5-year warranty. These two grades use Silicon Carbide as the anti slip medium. Silicon Carbide has a Mohs hardness of 9.2 – 9.5 —very close to the unequaled natural hardness qualities of diamond, which has a Mohs hardness of 10.

Silicon Carbide is a non-wearing crystalline structure. It is very sharp and is the only acceptable product to use on products with a 10-year warranty. In industrial applications, Silicon Carbide is commonly used as an abrasive. It is also used as a semiconductor and diamond simulant. The simplest process to manufacture silicon carbide is to combine silica sand and carbon in a graphite electric furnace at a high temperature, between 1,600 °C and 2,500 °C. Silicon Carbide is also known as Carborundum and moissanite, a naturally occurring mineral. Interestingly, this is also used in the manufacture of different materials including LEDs and bulletproof vests

Green anti slip plates for walkways - Amco
The Gripmaster stair nosing and tread can be supplied at custom sizes to a maximum of 1.8 m long and 1.2 m wide.

The Gripmaster Australian stair nosing and tread can be supplied at custom sizes to a maximum of 1.8 m long and 1.2 m wide.

In applications where a temporary walkway stair tread is required, where service life is limited, we can supply another grade (our lite model) where Aluminium Oxide is used as the anti slip abrasive. This has a Mohs hardness of 8.5 – 9 and the chip has a Mohs hardness of 7. We also note that the production process used to produce the entry level of this range is not as involved. Hence, the lamination process used is not as comprehensive as the ones with 5 or 10-year warranty.

We can custom size these anti slip nosings for you, with up to 1.8 metres maximum length by 1.2 metres in width.

Further, we are happy to say that we manufacture improved high visibility non slip Gripmaster nosing from the standard safety yellow to our Higher Vis Nano 555 green-coloured stair treads. Development of this colour was based on studies on colour visibility which found that this green stair nosing colour is more visible and more sensitive to the human eye than safety yellow anytime for midnight to sunset, low light to midnight

Extending the life of concrete steps

We note that Australian anti-slip stair nosings and treads are designed to make the stair step edge more pronounced, more visible, protect against wear for this high traffic area, and of course, more
importantly, prevent injury from slips, trips, and falls on high traffic walkways. We also like to tell our customers that this can also extend the life of treads which may be worn or damaged.

Yes, you can extend the life of a concrete stair, especially one with frayed treads by installing our Gripmaster exterior antislip stair nosings. Note that it is important the substrate and the stair is structurally-sound. After all, there’s no point in covering something that is supposed to provide the user protection if that section, or worse, the step crumbles under the user.

The big advantage, of course, is the savings in lost of productivity with the need to shutdown an entire staircase. The anti slip upgrade/repair can be done with little downtime. There is huge savings here verses the huge cost of total reconstruction of steps and walkways.

Surface preparation on slippery walkways is key. All loose, friable material should be removed and the tread section should be clean. As the non slip stair nosing will be installed on a hard surface (concrete), the installer should secure anti slip stair treads by using a flexible adhesive, we suggest Sikaflex 291 or a Sabrebond adhesive — both equally impressive adhesives. They are specifically ideal for slippery wet area use. Using adhesive to install the treads also floats the stair nosing and creates a foundation that won’t leave any lasting twist or stress on the Stairnosings.

For use on wet areas, or where frequent washing of the stair occurs, the correct use of adhesives will result in a watertight install keeping out any moisture from finding its way underneath between the parent stair tread and the external anti slip stair nosing.

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