About Amco Industries

AMCO is the Australian Matting Company, and we have the edge! We are the leading supplier of industrial rubber orthopaedic floor matting in Australia and New Zealand, commonly known as ortho mats. Our innovative products are widely used in manufacturing facilities, production lines, workshops, warehouses and more.

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Our Mission Statement
“To provide companies of excellence a quality range of matting and anti-slip solutions to fulfill their OH&S requirements through Professional Product Consultants”

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AMCO is a preferred vendor for industrial, manufacturing and warehousing organisations such as CarterHoltHarvey, Dowell, Maxitrans, DSI Holdings and more. Our range of tough and robust solutions improve safety for teams and operators, and fulfil your WHS responsibilities.

Our team of professional consultants have extensive knowledge in all industry environments to improve your organisation's production and performance and help retain and attract key employees in your workforce.

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