A Comprehensive Guide to Ergonomic Mats in the Workplace

Amco ESD Orthomaster mat in an industrial facility

Did you know that one of the major causes of back, leg, and foot pain in the workplace is standing for long periods on hard surfaces? 

This not only affects employee health and well-being but also results in thousands of dollars in lost production time each year from worker injury or fatigue. 

Ergonomic mats are designed to address these issues by providing a comfortable and supportive surface for standing, making them an essential component in modern workplaces.

Amco ESD Orthomaster mat in an industrial facility

Understanding Ergonomic Mats

Standing for extended periods on hard surfaces restricts blood flow and causes muscle constriction, leading to fatigue and tiredness. 

Ergonomic mats, or “anti-fatigue mats” combat this by encouraging subtle movements that stimulate blood circulation and keep muscles active. 

The ‘give’ in these mats forces your feet to make micro-adjustments, which in turn activates other muscles, reducing tiredness, muscle pain, and the risk of injuries.

History and Evolution of Ergonomic Mats

Ergonomic matting was first developed for industrial areas, sorting offices, and workshops to alleviate the strain of prolonged standing. 

In modern times, these mats have found their way into office environments and homes, particularly with the rise of standing desks. They function as safety mats, preventing trips with their bevelled edges and offering anti-slip properties to reduce the risk of falls.

​​V-Mat Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat

Benefits of Ergonomic Mats

The benefits of ergonomic mats are extensive. They provide a safe, ergonomic surface that helps maintain endurance and stamina by offering complete support for the feet. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of anti-fatigue mats in the workplace:

  1. Improved Blood Circulation: By encouraging subtle movements, ergonomic mats enhance blood flow, reducing the likelihood of fatigue and discomfort.
  2. Enhanced Comfort and Safety: These mats reduce the strain on muscles and joints, lowering the risk of injuries associated with prolonged standing.
  3. Increased Productivity: With reduced fatigue and discomfort, employees can work for longer periods, enhancing overall productivity.
  4. Versatility: Ergonomic mats are suitable for various environments, from industrial settings to modern offices and homes.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing an Ergonomic Mat

Selecting the right ergonomic mat requires careful consideration of several factors. The team at Amco has some helpful tips to guide you in making an informed decision:


Determining the right resiliency of a mat is critical. Resiliency affects the comfort level for workers standing on it. 

Whether a standing desk mat or a workshop mat, an overly soft mat may not last as long as a quality resilient orthopedic mat. 

The best ergonomic mats provide a balance of comfort and responsiveness, quickly returning to their original shape as the worker’s weight shifts. 

This balance ensures increased circulation and stimulation of leg muscles, enhancing comfort and reducing fatigue.

Ergonomic mats such as AMCO’s Orthomaster® are known for their exceptional memory, meaning they can quickly return to their original form even after prolonged use. 

This excellent ‘bounce back’ capability ensures consistent support and comfort, distinguishing them from other anti-fatigue mats on the market.


Safety is a crucial aspect when choosing the right ergonomic mat. Ensure the mat is secure on the floor to avoid slip and trip hazards. 

Many ergonomic mats come with bevelled edging for safe movement on and off the mat. 

For smaller and lightweight mats, double-sided rug tape can help keep them in place. In wet or slippery environments, mats with textured surfaces provide additional traction to minimise slip hazards.

Amco Orthodelux Anti-Fatigue Mat


The ease of cleaning is often overlooked when selecting a mat. Cleaning requirements vary by industry. For instance, healthcare and food service environments require mats that do not trap dirt or harbour bacteria. 

Ergonomic mats designed for these environments are easy to clean, maintaining hygiene standards and ensuring a safe working area.


Durability is a legitimate concern when purchasing an ergonomic mat. The materials used and the construction quality significantly impact the mat’s longevity. 

High-density rubberised foam with a durable rubber outer layer is ideal, as it can handle constant foot traffic and day-to-day use. The true value of a mat is determined by its effectiveness and the frequency of replacement.

Thickness and Material

The thickness of the mat is another important consideration. Mats that are too thick may lack the necessary support, while those that are too thin may not provide adequate pain relief. 

A thickness of 15mm to 20mm is ideal for reducing aches and pains from prolonged standing. Common materials include polyurethane foam (PU), styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR), vinyl, and injected gel. High-density foam covered with a durable rubber outer layer is particularly effective.

Application of Ergonomic Mats

Ergonomic mats are beneficial in any job that requires prolonged standing or in combination with sit-stand desks. Standing mats help prevent overuse muscle fatigue (OMF) and protect your body from other injuries. By providing a cushioned yet supportive surface, these mats allow employees to stand for longer periods without experiencing discomfort.


Investing in high-quality ergonomic mats is a smart decision for any business where employees are required to stand for long periods.

These mats are not just about comfort; they are about enhancing the overall well-being of your workforce, reducing the risk of injuries, and improving productivity.

By considering factors such as resiliency, safety, cleaning requirements, durability, thickness, and material, you can select the right ergonomic mat for your specific needs. 

Remember, a well-chosen mat is an investment in the health and efficiency of your employees, leading to a more productive and successful workplace.

For more industry-specific information about our ergonomic mats, contact us or call us today on 1800 888 598 to speak with one of our specialist consultants. Our team is dedicated to helping you find the perfect ergonomic mat to improve comfort, safety, and productivity in your workplace.

Amco Orthodelux Anti-Fatigue Mat
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