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Australia Matting Solutions for a Healthier Workforce

The Australia anti fatigue Matting Company, trading as Amco Industries, are industry-leading suppliers of orthopaedic anti-fatigue mats in New Zealand and Australia. Through our years of providing innovative matting solutions, we’ve established strong client bases in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

As we continuously grow our brand, we cater for clients in America, Canada, South Africa and Papua New Guinea. Today, we are known as the mat company that provides anti-fatigue floor mats unsurpassed in quality.

What separates us from other floor mat suppliers and manufacturers is our dedication to improving the state of working environments. Aimed at workplaces where reducing strain on feet, legs, and back is a priority, our new-generation anti-fatigue matting helps minimise long-term injury – giving you a healthier, happier workforce.

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At AMCO we pride ourselves on being the leading supplier of anti-fatigue mats Australia to some of the most important industry sectors in the ANZ region.  Whether your organisation is supplying healthcare, energy or food and beverage services to everyday citizens or keeping QANTAS 747s in the air, if your workforce spend their days on their feet then we have a product that will make their load easier. Specialising in orthopaedic matting solutions, we are the anti-fatigue mats Australia company you can trust.

Manufacturing and Hospitality

Healthy workers are likely to be happy workers. The nature of hospitality and food production industry renders workers vulnerable to slips and falls, as well as the health consequences linked to standing up for prolonged periods. An investment in high-quality anti fatigue matting Australian solutions helps reduce these hazards, allowing your workers to enjoy a safer, healthier environment.

Aged Care, Laboratory, Pharmaceutical, Physio

Amco has a full Healthcare Matting range with Specific Products conforming to Class One Medical awards and TGA numbers. Our products are used in theatres and laboratories throughout Australia & New Zealand where Orthopaedic matting is required. We have Australian anti fatigue mats with anti-microbial properties reducing the risk of pathogens and biosecurity hazards from spreading. Contact us today and discover why AMCO is the preferred vendor for Australia’s government-owned health facilities.


The Australian anti fatigue Matting Company (Amco) is an industry-leading supplier of industrial rubber orthopaedic anti fatigue floor matting in Australia and New Zealand, commonly known as ortho mats. Our range of industrial mats includes welding mats, swarf and lathe mats as well as petrol and diesel-proof mats. We also offer solutions for enhancing the safety of stairways, ladder rungs and walkways. Through our products and our professional product consultants, we help you fulfil your OH&S requirements and enhance workplace safety.

Mining, Power Generation & Terminals

The Australian anti fatigue Matting Company (Amco matting) is an industry-leading supplier of exterior anti-slip stair nosing and steel stair treads in Australia & New Zealand. Our products help improve safety in treads, walkways, ladders and access points.  Since 1994, we have been keeping mines, CHPPs, power stations, ports and terminals safe. Dedicated to improving workplaces, our R&D team continues to develop products that enhance safety, simplify installation and make maintenance easy. Among our breakthrough innovations is the world-class U-TRED. View our range today or talk to one of our specialists today and we’ll help you find ways to fulfil WHS responsibilities and promote workforce productivity.

Education & Corporate

Commercial Door Mats Australia &  Commercial Entrance mats add years of life to your floor coverings. Apart from the obvious benefits such as drying your wet shoes and minimising slip injury, Commercial door mats can remove 95% of particles that will cause premature wear to your floor covering, increase cleaning costs and bring on early costly replacement of floor coverings.. Compare it to walking around with pieces of sand paper stuck to the soles of your shoes. Although mostly invisible to the eye whilst standing, these particles will tear away at any floor. This makes Commercial door mats an investment by extending the life and appearance of your floor. Use your door mats to make a statement – Amco also offer a full range of heavy duty Coir Commercial entrance mats and personalised logo mats.


Like to have your door mats repaired? Amco repair torn edges, interior centre rips and tears on launderable floor mats. We do not patch. Our repair process is done by bringing uncured rubber together in purpose built machinery under extremely high temperatures and pressure. Discover good guaranteed workmanship of a superior quality. We can also install customer corporate labels on request.


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